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About us

Maui Built Strong honors Maui's heritage and protects its natural resources. Through sustainable farming, we cultivate native plants and raise local food, promoting food security and a thriving community. Join us in building a sustainable future for Maui!

Mission Statement

To serve the people of Hawaii through ‘community development and urban planning in Maui County. 6 To preserve the protection of indigenous native Hawaiian tree species through local propagation and reforestation 7 initiatives that embody core Hawaiian values, and cultural sensitivity to align with Hawaii’s Sustainability Plan 2050.

Vision Statement

To become the gold standard for sustainable propagation, cultivation, preservation of native fauna and 10 flora in Hawaii—contributing to zero-neutrality by 2050 in accord with Hawaii state planning, and to inspire conservation 11 efforts globall

Uplift Lahaina

Restore, revitalize, and reconnect. Together, we can forge a more resilient Lahaina for everyone.

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Common Questions

Find answers to common questions about our tree-planting services and our commitment to cultural and environmental stewardship.

Yes, we offer tree maintenance and earth moving services using heavy equipment ensure the site preparation, debris removal, together to ensure the health and growth of the trees we plant. Our team can provide all Agricultural needs, irrigation, pruning, fertilization, and pest control, etc. services to help the trees thrive in their new environment.

The duration of the tree-planting process depends on various factors such as the number of trees to be planted, site preparation requirements, and weather conditions. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline once we have assessed the project details.

We are affordable and economically centered. Please call us or email so that we may discuss in more detail. As a general estimate, typical costs range depending on the individual project needs.

We plant a variety of native and endemic tree species that are well-suited to the Maui climate. Our selection includes trees that provide shade, enhance biodiversity, and contrib

Yes, we offer tree maintenance services to ensure the health and growth of the trees we plant. Our team can provide pruning, fertilization, and pest control services to help the trees thrive in their new environment.

Sustainability is not simply a goal; it is a commitment and a responsibility for all of us throughout the State of Hawai‘i. We are all connected to Hawai‘i’s sustainable future in everything that we do — connected as a family, connected with our communities, and connected to our ‘āina. Knowing this, we must protect Hawai‘i for our children and for their
future. We, as a state, must continue to actively work on the sustainable development and climate adaptation of our islands without compromising the ability of future generations of Hawai‘i to thrive.

This Hawai‘i 2050 Sustainability Plan was developed by conducting an extensive statewide public engagement, consistent with a community-driven approach, in addition to collaborating with state and county stakeholder agencies to create this plan. As a living document, the Hawai‘i 2050 Sustainability Plan has evolved throughout the decades. It is a shared vision that this plan will bring a renewed focus on the implementation of Hawai‘i’s sustainable development and climate resilience.

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