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Community Partner Resources


A compilation of resources in business, production, and value-added agriculture, including contact details, is available in our ‘Resources for Farmers and Value-Added Producers’ document. Additionally, the following are some articles and resources that provide insights on how farmers can support themselves, their farms, and their local communities.

Hawai'i AgBusiness

Enhancing Hawai’i’s agriculture involves training, empowerment, and collaborative efforts within the community. Their services support agricultural businesses across the state.


Hawaiʻi Small Business Development Center

This center offers guidance, resources, and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners across Hawaii, assisting them in starting, growing, and succeeding in their business endeavors.


The Kohala Center

The Kohala Center’s Rural and Cooperative Business Development Services program works to expand and strengthen Hawai‘i’s rural economies and food systems by providing cooperative and business development services to farmers, value-added producers, and small businesses


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Production & Industry Resources

Hawaiʻi Beef Industry Council

Their mission is to promote the beef industry in Hawaii by educating consumers, advocating for beef producers, and supporting initiatives that enhance sustainability and profitability.


Hawaiʻi Dept. of Agriculture Swine Task Force Report

This report aims to identify challenges, opportunities, and provide recommendations for improving the swine industry’s sustainability, productivity, and regulations.


Hawaiʻi Pork Industry Association

to support and promote the pork industry in Hawaii by advocating for the interests of pork producers, facilitating collaboration within the industry, and promoting the consumption of locally produced pork.  


University of Hawai‘i – College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Publications

to share research findings and practical information on agriculture, resources, and human sciences to educate and advance sustainable practices in Hawai’i and beyond.


Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association

The goal is to advocate for the sustainable management and utilization of Hawaii’s forest resources, fostering education and collaboration within the industry.


Hawai‘i Floriculture and Nursery Association

Advocating for, educating about, and collaborating within the floriculture and nursery industry in Hawaii enhances the sector’s growth among professionals, growers, and enthusiasts.